The thought of deciding what to wear for your photo session might seem a little overwhelming, so here are a few tips and inspirations to help relieve any stress. A great way to visualize what everything will look like together is to lay out all of the outfits on your floor or bed once you’ve picked everything out…and if you want to snap a pic of it and send it my way to see what I think, please do! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or to run an outfit layout by me. I’d be happy to take a look!


A great place to start is to think about the primary reason you are doing the session and dress accordingly. For instance, if it’s for Christmas cards you might want to dress in wintry, seasonal clothing … for a gallery canvas in the living room, think about coordinating with the colors and feel of your decor. 


Decide on a basic color palette and go from there. Choose 2-3 colors for your group portrait, ones with similar tones that go nicely together and have everyone work within that color palette. A good tip is if you have a favorite outfit you’d really like one of your children to be in, then plan the rest of the family around that outfit. 


Accessorize and think outside the box. Scarves, hats, flowers in the hair for girls, jewelry, sweaters, vests, jackets, etc. – all these things can make an image feel “complete”…but be careful not to let the accessories overwhelm the subject or the photos.


Layers and textures help create interest in photos. Having different layers of clothing and accessories can add another dimension to the overall texture of the image. It can be done beautifully with colorful brights or just pops of color here and there in a color palette more on the neutral or softer side.


Shoes matter. Choose dark socks and footwear other than sneakers (unless it's something simple like Converse or Vans, which I love!)…going the barefoot route is always a great option and is such a classic look.


Make sure the kiddos can move freely in their outfits and that they aren’t going to be pulling and scratching at their clothes … you want them happy and comfortable during the shoot. The same goes for the parents too – make sure that you select an outfit that makes you feel stunning and relaxed.


…in moderation! Patterns can add visual interest and texture as well as a good dose of personality. Just make sure that either just one person is in a pattern with the rest of the subjects in simple, more solid color pieces or the patterns are subtle and complementary (for instance, a teeny tiny polka dot tie on a little boy next to his sister’s bold color blocked pattern would be cute together).


Think about subtle props that will blend with the session. The absolute best type of prop is something that is meaningful to the subject (grandpa’s vintage football, the kiddo’s favorite stuffed animal, a quilt made by great grandma). These special touches will make your images mean that much more to you.


• Avoid anything with logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc.

• If anyone is in need of a trip to the salon, be sure to let the hair cut grow out a week or so in order to look most natural.

• While trying to stay current and fashionable, do avoid fashion trends that will be dated soon. Keeping a timeless look extends the life of your photos.